Get Your Family Talking Over the Holidays


Get Your Family Talking Over the Holidays


Can you believe the holidays are soon upon us? With Hanukkah starting the evening of December 6th, and Christmas around the corner, we thought you might want to consider giving a DVD of Read Me Differently as a gift to someone close to you. Perhaps it is a friend or family member. Maybe the school librarian or counselor would be interested in having it as a resource for parents. The members of the local PTA might want to watch it and have a dialogue about the issues raised. A family therapist could lend it to their clients.

We received so many wonderful comments from viewers who took advantage of our free streaming offer during the month of October. Here is what one viewer said:

“Thank you, Sarah!  I just watched the film last night.  Loved it!  I shared your film’s page on a dyslexia support group for parents on Facebook too.  Lots of fellow “members” of the club!  I am so proud of the courageous work you are doing.  Your advocacy, and willingness to speak your truth means more than you can possibly know.”

And then this:

“My daughter is 32 years old and often my ADD and dyslexia have made relating to me difficult.  I can see better now that I can be annoying!  I hope she will view Read Me Differently soon.”

In celebration of the upcoming holidays, we are offering a holiday discount of free shipping. From now until the end of Kwanzaa on December 26th, we will send copies of the Read Me Differently DVD to someone special on your list. Please click here to take advantage of this holiday opportunity to give a gift of recognition and truth.


All our best from our family to yours!



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