Great Review from Dyslexia Scotland


Great Review from Dyslexia Scotland

We were thrilled to hear from a member of Dyslexia Scotland who came across Read Me Differently and wrote of review about it. Here’s a bit of the feedback we received from them:

“I watched your film several times. Thank you and your family for being so generous in what you shared. I think you’ve achieved great things in your film, especially raising people’s awareness of the non-literacy aspects of dyslexia and the challenges a dyslexic person can face within their family. You have also presented the content in a dyslexia-friendly way. So thank you again. I am doing my best to promote your film in Scotland because I think it’s an excellent resource.”


Check out their review here. We love that this review includes recommendations of ways to use Read Me Differently and tips for watching the film along with various aspects of the film that the reviewer particularly appreciated.


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