Partnering To Spark Change


Partnering To Spark Change


Read Me Differently is honored to announce an official partnership with GroundSpark, a national non-profit specializing in transformational education and social action campaigns for documentary films. Led by Academy Award-winning filmmaker Debra Chasnoff, GroundSpark brings years of priceless experience and passion to build on the success our film has already achieved.

“We’re excited to be partnering with Sarah to strategize new ways to bring Read Me Differently to more audiences,” says Chasnoff. “So far we have created a new website for the film, designed the Read Me Differently Initiative to bring more attention to the underlying messages in the film, and begun brokering formal partnerships with many key organizations in the dyslexia and learning differences fields. We are honored to be involved with such an brave and intimate film that is making such a difference.”

With the help of GroundSpark we’ll be expanding visibility around Read Me Differently in the coming months, through outreach, distribution and by turning the messages of the film into on-the-ground change.

Learn more about GroundSpark here, and stay tuned for more exciting updates about the partnership!

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