Read Me Differently Initiative


Read Me Differently courageously reveals the impact that  learning disabilities (LD) can have on the entire family system. Through our partnerships with organizations working in education, parenting support, mental health, and social service fields, Read Me Differently is championing an initiative to help support adults and children to understand how LD affect life experiences outside of the classroom. By opening up dialogue at home and in the community, we can empower family members to better understand each other, increase acceptance, and build resilience.



  • Since learning disabilities are often invisible and life-long, most people aren’t aware of the psychological and social challenges people with LD may face. We need to share LD experiences to cultivate more understanding. As Maya Angelou said, “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”
  • Learning disabilities affect more than a student’s academic experience; addressing LD effectively requires attention on children’s family and social experiences as well.
  • Learning disabilities often affect many members of one family. If one family member is identified with LD, it could be a pathway into identifying other family members as well. Complex family dynamics may be interwoven with learning differences in several generations. Investigating and understanding how these patterns impact the family system can lead to more clarity and compassion.
  • All family members need education, training, and support to understand how learning disabilities affect the family system.
  • As educators work to create safe and welcoming school communities, they need training on how to better embrace and communicate about the spectrum of learning differences many students face.
  • While individuals with learning disabilities should be supported to develop strong self-esteem, it’s equally important to help cultivate self-compassion; learning strategies for greater acceptance and reducing stress, such as meditation, are also very valuable.