The Read Me Differently Initiative


The Read Me Differently Initiative

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Director Sarah Entine, MSW has announced the creation of the Read Me Differently Iniatitive, to help support adults and children in understanding how learning disabilities (LD) affect life experiences outside of the classroom. The new campaign aims to translate the powerful ideas of Entine’s documentary into an ongoing movement to increase visibility and change the perception of LD.

“Since learning disabilities are often invisible and life-long, most people aren’t aware of the psychological and social challenges people with LD may face,” Entine said. “We need to share LD experiences to cultivate more understanding.”

Through partnerships with organizations working in education, parenting support, mental health, and social service fields, the RMD Initiative hopes to open up dialogue at home and in the community – empowering family members to better understand each other, increase acceptance, and build resilience, and encouraging service providers and educators to approach youth grappling with LD from a more holistic perspective.

Entine has layed out six “core beliefs” in the initiative, emphasizing going beyond thinking of LD as only an “academic issue.” The RMD team also has recommended action steps that organizations and individuals can take to further this vision. More information about the project is available here.

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