Understood Spotlights Read Me Differently


Understood Spotlights Read Me Differently


Understood, the leading resource for parents of children with learning disabilities, recently added Read Me Differently to their list of top films about dyslexia, calling it “an authentic look at how dyslexia can impact a family.” The site also interviewed director Sarah Entine in a post about the film:

“Understanding is love. The more a child feels understood by her family, the more connected she’ll feel.” (Read the full interview)
A coalition of 15 different non-profit organizations, including our Initiative partners, Parents Education Network and Eye to Eye, Understood is an interactive research-based website, and public service advertising campaign (created with the Ad Council), that reaches millions of parents looking to better understand their children’s learning and attention issues.

We’re honored to be recognized and supported by such an esteemed group of peers and look forward to continuing to work alongside Understood in expanding the resources available to families, schools and the larger community!

Learn more about the Read Me Differently initiative.  

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